With over three decades of spanning references, BCS-Prokon is now one of the largest infrastructure waterproofing contractors in Singapore. Besides being awarded grade L5 by BCA Waterproofing Contract Registry, we are one of the preferred applicators for major renowned international waterproofing manufacturers and suppliers such as WR Grace, BASF and Tremco.

We provide a one-stop solution for any waterproofing needs and specialize in providing various types of waterproofing systems such as preformed membranes, spray-on Polyurethanes and Polyureas, integral waterproofing and Cementitious Polymer waterproofing for basements, roofs, E-decks, wet areas and concrete water containment vessels.

Our committed contribution to Singapore’s major infrastructure projects has positioned us as the renowned structural waterproofing specialist. We are aggressively and actively involved in countless LTA projects like MRT tunnels, stations and viaducts, roads, bridges and underpasses, deep sewer tunnels and common service tunnels. Other successful projects include government hospitals, treatment plants, institutions, commercial buildings and resorts as well.