Chemical Injection

Also known as Chemical Grouting in civil engineering, it refers to the injection of pumpable materials into a soil or rock formation to change its physical characteristics. Since 2003, BCS-Prokon has been heavily involved in providing grouting for multiple projects.

In collaboration with our German suppliers, a selected team of BCS management and staff was trained in BZB Germany (Specialist Trade Institution) for Injection and Repair technology under the IRP programme.

Over the last fifteen years, we have increased our market segment to include soil stabilization and consolidation, pre-excavation grouting and cavity filling.

Fields of Application include:

Leakage Sealing

  • Tunnel Segment Leakage Repair
  • Tunnel Eye Repair
  • Construction and Expansion Joint Repair
  • Sheetpile Mis-align Gap Sealing


Soil Consolidation and Stabilisation Grouting

  • Sewer Manhole Launching and Receiving Shaft Stabilisation
  • Pre Excavation Grouting for Launching and Receiving Shaft
  • Soil Consolidation for Pipe Jacking Exit Point
  • Chemical Injection in Jet Grouting Limitations
  • Coagulating Soil in Pipe Sleeving Works
  • TBM Head Injection and Cavity Filling